Google will penalise mobile – unfriendly sites

Last month, Google announced on its official blog that they will penalize those websites that are not responsive to mobile: as of April 21, all websites with mobile usability problems will lose ranking search positions against those that do are optimized for those devices.

If the responsive web design was previously valued by Google along with SEO practice, it will now become almost a requirement if you do not want to disappear in the Google searches.

This notice give us a big clue that having a web adapted to mobile will be very important in their next algorithm, effective from April 21.

Many webmasters who manage mobile-unfriendly sites  have been notified via Webmaster Tools to get solved before this date.

They have also provide a URL where you can check if your site is mobile-friendly or not.

This piece of news should not catch us by surprise because the growth of web traffic via mobile has grown significantly and 90% of Smartphone users requests information from a mobile device, according to a study done by Google.

Once again, Google bids to improve the quality and user experience in content and usability.

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