Create your own Netflix and distribute your videos and broadcasts through the web, mobile apps, and Smart TVs

  • Do you want to promote or monetize your own audiovisual content without the need for third parties?

  • Establish a direct relationship with your clients and followers through your own platform?

  • Are you laying the groundwork to build a sustainable business model for the future, whether it’s pure broadcasting, promotion, advertising, or paid content?

  • Creating your own Netflix and distributing your videos and broadcasts through the web, mobile apps, and Smart TV?

  • Recording and efficiently broadcasting all your events, conferences, and shows?

  • Do you want to offer your clients, users, and supporters promotions and exclusive content from your own platform?

In the OTT world, new digital ‘players’ have found a place, challenging traditional television, such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, or Google. But it’s not just them; all sorts of companies, brands, and content creators now have the opportunity to create their own platforms in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

With FractalMedia, you have the possibility of having all the necessary services from a single provider. We cover 100% of the lifecycle of your platform

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Without Intermediaries

Create your own service to make your content available on multiple screens under your brand and your terms

No restrictions

Decide which territories you want to reach and how to distribute the windows and distribution models in each of them

Your own strategy

Free VOD, subscription VOD, PPV, freemium… technology puts all means of payment and advertising at your fingertips to monetize your platform